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10/08/2012 : 9 Subprojects of NRI Year 2 conducted Village Consultation

NPMO of NRI ​​held the village consultations on July 2-21, 2012 covering 9 sub-projects for implementation in Year 2.  The 9 sub-projects were previously approved by ADB on 15 May 2012.  The village consultations ushered the identification of problems and possible solutions coming from the major stakeholders of the various sub-projects.  It was part of the participatory process of diagnosing development problems and coming up with alternative solutions based on grassroots’ understanding of socio-cultural milieu.


Activities carried out during the consultations were: (i) information sharing with the potential beneficiaries about project purpose, components and duration of implementation including responsibilities of the major key implementing agencies; (ii) collection of data essential in the preparation of the different components, including the setting of parameters to justify the social and economic rationale of major capital investments, such as irrigation facility and rural roads; and (iii) collection of risks data and possible mitigation measures.


The data culled from the village consultations were processed by the consultants into a problem tree analysis and this was expanded to constitute the overall framework of the detailed feasibility study for each sub-project.


Participant on the Village consultation were ONPD, PPOs, DCOs, representative of village authorities, beneficiaries and Grant Implementation Consultant Team (GIC). Total participant on 9 subprojects village consultations were 443 persons which is comprised of 19% female


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