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Project Framework | Project Approach

Project Framework

In order to achieve the main 4 outputs, following 4 components are implemented under the Project.

Component A:

Rural Infrastructure Development

Output 1:

Productivity and production-enhancing rural infrastructure constructed and/or rehabilitated


Increased agricultural productivity in the 4 northern provinces of Bokeo, Luang Namtha, Oudomxay, and Phongsaly


Improved rural household incomes in the 4 northern provinces of Bokeo, Luang Namtha, Oudomxay, and Phongsaly

Component B:

Associated Initiatives

Output 2:

Productivity and impact enhancing initiatives adopted

Component C:

Institutional Capacity Building

Output 3:

Capacity of national, provincial, and district agencies strengthened to enable a sector development approach

Component D:

Project Implementation and Management

Output 4:

Efficient and effective delivery of subprojects and project management


Project Framework


The “Component A: Rural Infrastructure Development” and “Component B: Associated Initiatives” are field-based activities to improve productivity, which are supported by enhanced project management system through “Component C: Institutional Capacity Building” and “Component D: Project Implementation and Management”. The project framework is shown in the right figure.

The detailed project framework is presented in the next page with the project concept of “a promotion of value added agriculture through a combination of rural infrastructure development and its associated initiatives”. The Project Design and Monitoring Framework indicating the performance targets at each stage are presented in the next page.

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Project Approach

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Project Approach
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