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Member > Provincial Project Office (PPO) and District Coordination Office (DCO)

Bokeo Province | Luang Namtha Province | Phongsaly Province | Oudomxai Province

Bokeo Province

  • Provincial Project Office (PPO)
    Mr. Somsanith Onechanh PPO manager
    Ms. Sonemany Ketmany Chief Accountant
    Mr. Sombath Kanyavong Accountant
    Ms. Chanmany Xong Secretary
    Ms. Souphansa Keosavath Contract Management
    Mr. Phounesavath Phethachith M&E
    Mr. Eiemsack Sithiyavong Procurement
    Mr. Bounliep Outxaya Irrigation Engineer1
    Mr. Phonesavanh Oudomlith Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Ethiphol Phansiri Land Management
    Mr. Deng Phonevilay Agri; Extension
    Mr. Dakhom Vilayvanh Safeguard and Environment
    Ms. Seokham Vilaysane Community development; Gender/Ethnic Group


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Houyxai District
    Mr. Phetsamone Inthongxay District Project Coordinator
    Mr. Bounpheng Panyalay Implementation and Monitoring
    Mr. Somsanith Vannasy Agri. Extension & Forestry
    Mr. Khamhou Sichanthavong Land Management
    Mr. Bounlay Southivonghane Irrigation
    Mr. Sisavath Thothilath Natural Resources and Environment
    Ms. Sengmany Xayaclack Dev; Gender/Indg. Ppl. And Environment


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Paktha District
    Mr. Mong Syaphone District Project Cooperation
    Mr. Amphone Phetsavanh Irrigation
    Mr. Chanh Chansouda Agri. Extension
    Mr. Xengsouk Xayyang Land Management
    Ms. Xouay Phongsavanh Community Dev. Gender/Ethnic Group
    Mr. Lattana Hokham M&E
    Mr. Somvang Inthavong Nature Resources and Environment


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Pha Oudom District
    Mr. Oudomphone Phomlichan District project Coordination
    Mr. Khamsao Lainkeo Agricalture Extension
    Mr. Ailao Lanekhamdeng Implementation and Monitoring
    Mr. Khamla Phongadith Irrigation
    Mr. Khamphet Thonemanyvong Land management
    Mr. Somlay Hackphasith Natural resources and Environment
    Ms. Bouaphanh Keomanichan Community Dev. Gender/Ethnic Group, and Environment


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Luang Namtha Province

  • Provincial Project Office (PPO) Luang Namtha
    Mr. Khammouan Lokhamcheua Project manager
    Mr. Sonexay Oudom Project Coordination
    Ms. Phouthone Onekeo Chief Accountant
    Ms. Inkham Manichanh Admin Assistant
    Ms. Loune Contract Management
    Mr. Chansanom Samsennam Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Sommay Lovanbong Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Noi thavy Agri. Extension
    Mr. Souanenaly Tomphouvanh Land Management
    Mr. Songkham Banlusack Monitoring & Evaluation
    Ms. Simone Chomesavath Comm. Devel. Gender/Ind.ppl.
    Ms. Bouavanh Chanthapadith Resettlement
    Mr. Khamma Environment officer
    Mr. Hompheng Marketing


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Luang Namtha District
    Mr. Boun xaybounthip District Project Management
    Mr. Anouphone Bounthaluxay District Project Coordination
    Mr. Noi Lengthavy Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Senglith Somsy Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Chantha Banlusack Land officer
    Mr. Soukanh Agri. Extension
    Mr. Boun Leua Alounmanivong Land officer
    Ms. Kesone Comm. Dev. Gender/Ing/Ppl.
    Mr. Xaysavath Cheualouangkhammy Marketing
    Mr. Chaiseng Environment officer


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Sing District
    Mr. Sommy Phompanya Environment
    Mr. Somlith Phonepaseuth District Project Manager
    Mr. Chanthala Thammavong Project Coordination
    Mr. Silik Khamthavong Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Nhoung Viphinphouthai Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Sonethavong Diyongtua Land officer
    Mr. Khoumpha Souvanny Agri. Extension
    Mr. Khonemany Pinsenein Land officer
    Mr. Kengkhay Comm. Dev. Gender/Indg/ppl
    Ms. Chanmany Thammasone Marketing
    Mr. Sommy Phompanya Environment


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Long District
    Mr. Kongsavanh Phitsalath District Project Manager
    Mr. Axoune Phoun lokham Project Coordination
    Mr. Bounthom Boliboun Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Sommay Phommasane Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Silaphone Siliphong Land officer
    Mr. Khonemany vannavong Land officer
    Mr. Phetsamay Chaiyavong Agri. Extension
    Ms. Nouanesavanh Phomsikhanla Comm. Dev. Gender/Ethnic Group
    Mr. Sommay Vilaphanh Marketing
    Mr. Khamphanh DONRE Office


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Phongsaly Province

  • Provincial Project Office (PPO)
    Mr. Somlit Khamsenvong Head of PIS, Project Coordinator
    Mr. Sonephet Phetdara Chief Accountant
    Mr. Chanthavy Phimmasing Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Phasit Chantala Agricultural Extension
    Ms. Phonesavanh Thammavong CD, Gender/Indigenous People
    Ms. Phonesy Khounlavanh Accountant
    Ms. Mala Bandachack Admin. Assistant
    Ms. Chanthip Sengmany Secretary
    Mr. Set Manichanh Driver
    Mr. Phetsamone Kodvongsy Driver


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Boun Neua District
    Mr. Bounlek Lasoukanh Vice Governor, Project Manager
    Mr. Somphet Kounsihoung DTY Head of DAFO, DPC, Project Coordinator
    Mr. Khamsan Soulith DTY of DONRE
    Mr. Sompheng Ounnahom Agri Extension and Marketing
    Mr. Khamboune Chanyavong Irrigation
    Ms. Phetsamay Saleumsouk DLWU


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Nhot Ou District
    Mr. Somvang Soumvilay Vice Governor, Project Manager
    Mr. Khamsavanh Phommathet DTY of DAFO, DPC, Project Coordinator
    Mr. Chansouk Souriya Agri. Extension and Marketing
    Mr. Somchanh Phommavang Irrigation
    Ms. Sivan Laoxeun DLWU
    Mr. Phonesi Phommachack DONRE


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Bountai District
    Mr. Bounchanh Cheu-Eu Vice Governor, Project Manager
    Mr. Somlith Ounmixay Head of DAFO DPC, Project Coordinator
    Ms. Onekeo Onesa DTY President of DLWU
    Mr. Outhone Keomixay Irrigation
    Mr. Bounla Xeunvixay Agriculture
    Ms. Seng Oun Bouaxay DONRE


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Oudomxai Province

  • Provincial Project Office
    Mr. Khamphouy Sounthala Head of PPO
    Mr. Xaysongkham Taisavanh Chief Accountant
    Ms. Somly Monethavong Accountant
    Ms. Phone Norady Contract Management
    Mr. Khamxangop Vivanh Procurement
    Ms. Phayvanh Banyasith Secretary
    Mr. Bounmy Southivong Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Bounthay Xayasone Agri Extension
    Mr. Mixay Souvannachit Planning
    Mr. Lampho Soulivong Land use
    Ms. Viengkhone Bounphasouk Comm. Devel. Gender/Ethnic Group
    Mr. Mouanthong Sengla Safeguard and Environment
    Mr. Sommit Kannanith Driver


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Beng District
    Mr. Soulinhakhouam Sinnasone Irrigation Officer
    Mr. Bounxou Thavongsa Agri. Extension
    Mr. Khamla Phanthinho Natural Resource Environment
    Ms. Chanpheng Sengmany Comm. Devel. Gender Indigenous People


  • District Coordination Office (DCO) of Houn District
    Mr. Bountiem Souphanthong Project Manager
    Mr. Phongsy Sonsithideth Project Coordinator
    Mr. Pasit Santisouk Irrigation Engineer
    Mr. Bounmy Manichith Agri. Extension
    Mr. Somphet Xaysomboun DONRE
    Ms. Soutdalack Thongkhamsouk Admin.


The information on December 2012.
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PAFOProvincial Agriculture and Forestry Office
PFDProvincial Finance Department
PPIDProvincial Planning and Investment Department
PICDProvincial Industry and Commerce Department
PWREOProvincial Water Resource and Environment Office
PLWUProvincial Lao Women Union
DAFODistrict Agriculture and Forestry Office
DFODistrict Finance Office
DPIODistrict Planning and Investment Office
DICODistrict Industry and Commerce office
DWREODistrict Water Resource and Environment Office
DLWUDistrict Lao Women Union
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