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Project Component and Output

Component 1:

Rural Infrastructure Development

Output 1:

Productivity or production-enhancing rural infrastructure constructed or rehabilitated.

Component 2:

Associated Initiatives

Output 2:

Productivity and impact enhancing initiatives adopted.

Component 3:

Institutional Capacity Building

Output 3:

Capacity of national, provincial, and district agencies strengthened to enable a sector development approach.

Component 4:

Project Implementation and Management

Output 4:

Efficient and effective delivery of subprojects and project management.

Component 1: Rural Infrastructure Development

This component aims to rehabilitate and upgrade physical rural infrastructure consisting of irrigation facilities and rural access road to ensure irrigation water supply to its command area and to improve market access. It is estimated that 25 numbers of infrastructure development subproject will be implemented under the Project through environmental-friendly manner based on social and environmental safeguard studies. Beneficiary farmers are expected to participate in this process to assist in detailed design (consultation), construction (on-farm tertiary canals) and routine operations and maintenance of rural infrastructure developed.

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Component 2: Associated Initiatives

The purpose of this component is to enhance the impact from rehabilitated and developed facilities under component 1. The activities will be identified in participatory and gender-sensitive manner together with community members under each subproject. Prospective coverage of activities would be: (i) establishment and strengthening of operation and maintenance system of irrigation facilities and rural access road, (ii) organization and strengthening of water users’ associations, road maintenance committees and production groups (iii) agricultural extension activities including dissemination of SRI (System for Rice Intensification), (iv) catchment management planning and implementation for sustainable irrigation practice, (v) facilitation of contract farming to create value-addition etc.

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Component 3: Institutional Capacity Building

This component has the purpose of capacity building at the national level (within the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - MAF) as well as the implementation capacity for staff at the National Project Management Office (NPMO), the provincial project offices (PPOs) and the district coordination offices (DCOs). Major activities are: (i) to support establishment of monitoring and evaluation system including project website to share information among stakeholders from the national to the district level and (ii) training of NPMO, PPOs and DCOs staff in the implementation of associated initiatives (component 2). The project will also provide NAFRI (National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute) with useful lessons to be learnt from the field activities and policy recommendation on these basis contributing to the implementation of Sector Development Approach by MAF.

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Component 4: Project Implementation and Management

Component 4 aims to support project management system by enhancing relevant staff’s capability in project management as well as establishment of workable PBME (Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation) system for the Project. Primary indicators for PBME on the basis of Project Design Monitoring Framework are tabulated as follows:

Primary Indicators for PBME
Component Item Description (target year)
OutcomeAgricultural productivity in rice3 ton/ha (2010) to 5 tons (2017)
Component 1Irrigation area2,900 ha (2017)
Access road rehabilitation175 km (2017)
Component 3Number of producer groups 25 nos. (2017)
Catchment management plan 20 nos. (2017)
Female-focused extension services 30% of training programs for women
Component 3M&E section establishment in DOPAt least 10 nos. of staff (2012)
Training courses 33 courses with at least 30 % of women participants (2014)
Component 4Implementation consultants mobilization5 key implementation consultants mobilized within 3 months
Project performance monitoring system by gender and ethno-linguistic groupEstablished within 12 months
Number of women in NPMO and PPOAt least 20 % of the staff


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