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List of All Subprojects with Areas

NoSubprojectDistrict/ ProvinceNo. of Sub-schemesNo.of Beneficiary Village No.of HH (Whole Village)No. of Direct Beneficiary HouseholdCommand Area
Phase I Subproject
1Nam BengBeng/ Oudomxay36781612386
2Nam OunHoun/ Oudomxay151,212402420
Phase II Subproject
1Nam HaoBeng/ Oudomxay591,333701606
2Nam Tong Nhot Ou/ Phongsaly391,059625610
3Nam Ngaen 2Bountai/ Phongsaly33327209186
4Houay Xo 2Paktha/ Bokeo34416172216
5Houay BongPhaOudom/ Bokeo5121,445495310
6Nam SaLong/ Luangnamtha26435247238
7Nam Lue - Nam ChangLuangnamtha/ Luangnamtha3111,825642475
Phase III Subproject
1Nam NgaadHoun/ Oudomxay681,296523390
2Dong NouarkNhot Ou/ Phongsaly34545219267
3Nam Hoy-Nam LouBounneua/ Phongsaly45544335250
4Nam Gna2Sing/ Luangnamtha17538262540
5Nam MaLong/ Luangnamtha119756448360
6Nam SatoneHouayxai/ Bokeo871,010344312
7Nam KhaPhaOudom/ Bokeo8152,237909680
Phase IV Subproject
1Nam Ngay-Nam BounBounneua/ Phongsaly56449139183
2Houay LapBountai/ Phongsaly1171,206256176
3Nam Gna 1 & 3Sing/ Luangnamtha5141,143254497
4Namtha 3Luangnamtha/ Luangnamtha4112,1981,184909
5Namtin 2Houayxai/ Bokeo271,975366573
6Houay Sat 2Paktha/ Bokeo62498171210


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