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International Consultants

Kazuyuki Shimazaki/ Shigeya OtsukaNKTeam Leader/ Irrigation Engineer
Shinichro SugimotoNKGender/ Ethnic Group/ Community Development Specialist
Franz Dieter WahlLCGResettlement Specialist
Shinichro SugimotoNKMarketing/ Value Added/ Contract Farming Specialist
Shiro Arai/ Mayumi GotoNKEnvironmental Specialist
Fernando E. AntolinNKAgricultural Economist
Junko KikuchiNKBio-engineer
Garry Andrew ThorncraftNKFish Passage Consultant


National Consultants

Vankham Thammachak/ Phonexay SisouvongLCGDeputy Team Leader/ Irrigation Engineer
Phonexay Sisouvong/ Oudone SouphatthoneLCGSenior Irrigation Engineer (1)
Khamtheo Vongnarath LCGSenior Irrigation Engineer (2)
Sumountha YoutithamLCGGender/ Ethnic Group/ Community Development Specialist
Duangtou Chuyaoyang/ Kanda KeosophaLCGResettlement Specialist
Youngyer KongchiLCGPBME Specialist
Khamphone PhanmalivongLCGMarketing/ Value Added Specialist
Nilinda Sourinphoumy/ Thippachanh SouphihalathLCGEnvironmental Specialist
Sanexay SoulyyakaneLCGLand Titling Coordinator
Viengdavanh PhommachanhLCGLand Use Planning / GIS (1)
Soukpaserth PhachansiliLCGLand Use Planning / GIS (2)
Thanousonexay Phonekeo/ Oudone Souphatthone LCGDrafts man (1)(Non-Key Expert)
(to be named)LCGDrafts man (2)(Non-Key Expert)
Khamphone PhanmalivongLCGAgronomist
Khamphone PhanmalivongLCGAgricultural Economist
Paothao CherchingLCGBio-engineer
Suvit TangchongrathLCGIrrigation Engineer/Fhis Passage Consultant


The information on December 2019.



NKNippon Koei Co., Ltd.
LCGLao Consulting Group
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