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10/08/2012 : Seed Multiplication Using System Rice Intensification (SRI) Techniques in Luang Namtha and Bokeo Province

The use of improved seeds has been empirically proven to increase yield of rice. Seed multiplication is thus one of the activities being promoted in NRI project.  For this purpose, seed multiplication of high yielding rice varieties (HYV) for wet season were carried out by the project team in Bokeo and Luang Namtha Provinces.  Around 16 plots were established as demonstration centers for small farmers living in the project areas. Seeds being used in the trial plots were wet season HYVs and the seed multiplication technique was SRI, a technology that combine good agricultural practice (GAP) and least cost consideration. GAP implies a farming system aimed at promoting environmental conservation, such as improving soil moisture and texture and non-hazardous emission of toxic elements.  SRI technology by itself, if done properly, is one option that can increase yield. Thus, the use of better seeds coupled with SRI has the twin effects of better yields and consequently higher incomes for small farmers.


On -the -job training was given to selected farmers in the preparation and management of the trial plots during the period July 3-4, 2012 in Nam Dai (Luang Namtha) and Nam Haad (Bokeo) subprojects, respectively.


For comparative purposes, two (2) methods of seed multiplication were employed: (i) SRI combined with organic fertilizer; and (ii) SRI combined with synthetic-based fertilizer or the so-called conventional practice. Evaluation of the results of these two (2) methods will be based on yields obtained vis-à-vis costs.

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