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10/08/2012 : Training of community development officers (CDOs) to prepare for the establishment and registration of water user associations (WUAs) and other farmer production groups (FPGs)

Developing the abilities of CDOs stationed at PPO and DCO levels is aimed at improving their organizational skills. The TOT was held on September 24-27 at the department of agriculture and forestry office in Luang Namtha, which  highlighted the importance of community development activities as prerequisites to the proper establishment of FPGs, notably WUAs and other sectoral and/or commodity-based FPGs.   A total of 53 technical people, 14 of whom were female attended the training.


The main objective of the training is to strengthen the skills of PPO and DCO staff in community organizing, mainly in seeing to it that major FPGs are properly organized and registered and that FPGs are also able to implement economic activities supportive of increasing their farm incomes and sustainably maintaining the infrastructure facilities provided by NRI project. The latter activity was reinforced by subsequent coaching and hands-on and practicum training on agricultural extension, FPG formation and value chain and marketing analysis concluded on 11-14 September 2012 in Bokeo-PAFO office by the marketing team.


As a whole, participants in community organizing classes gave a positive assessment on the training: 51% of the participants rated the conduct of the training as good, 26% relatively good and 23% as moderate.


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