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10/09/2012 : TRAINING OF TRAINERS (TOT) ON: GENDER AND INDIGENOUS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN 28 to 29 August 2012, in Phongsaly Province.

Mainstreaming gender considerations is very important particularly on specific measures required to support the engagement of women in decision-making related to agricultural production and productivity as well as in equitable benefit sharing from making decisions. Women are considered important stakeholders, especially in the augmentation of household incomes (e.g. raising small livestock and poultry chicken) that men cannot otherwise entertain because of the greater tasks involved in intensive agriculture.  Thus, gender training is essential. An important consideration, however, is that each community should be understood as being unique and the training orientation activities should be addressed in a manner that upholds gender equity while acknowledging and respecting the cultural and ethnic roles of gender.


This was the gist of the TOT conducted in Phongsaly on 28-29 August 2012.  The participants, a total of 65, and 20 of whom were women.  The participants were mainly personnel of NPMO, PPOs and DCOs, including PPO coordinators, Community Development Officers, Irrigation Engineers, Safeguard and District Lao Women’s Union, and Agriculture Extension Officers stationed in 3 provinces: Phongsaly, Luang Namtha, and Bokeo. By ethnic, 83% of the participants were Tai Kadai; 3% belong to Mon-Khmer, 3% to Hmong-Mien and 11% to Tibeto-Chinese.


The training culminated in the preparation of a poultry farming plan for women, community action development plan and preparation of IEC materials.


Based on the evaluation, the TOT appeared to have been well received. About 44% of the participants gave an excellent remark, 44% as good understanding and 11% as moderate understanding.

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