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National Project Management Office (NPMO)

  • Administration and Financial Management
    Mr. Phaythoune PHOMVIXAYNational Project Manager of NRIDSP
    Mr. Bounsy PHIMCHATHAPHONEHead of Project Administration
    Mr. Thavisack INTHIVONGChief of Financial Accounting


  • Implementation, Planning and Extension (Coordination)
    Mr. SOMPHANHHead of the Unit/ Planning Officer
    Mr. Bounhong ANOUKOUNAgriculture Extension Officer
    Mr. Bouthsamay DOUANGKHENTONGProject Economist
    Mr. Souksavanh CHANHTHAVONGBME Officer
    Mr. Damlong PHANHDANOUVONGCommunity Development Officer
    Mr. Inphong INTHAVONGCoordinator (for Consultant and NPMO)
    Mr. Bounsong MatthouchanhCoordinator


  • Safeguards (Coordination)
    Ms. Bouaphanh SENGPHACHANHCommunity Development/ Gender/ Indigenous People Officer
    Ms. Khamla XAMOUNTYResettlement and Environment Officer


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